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Ramona started Tribeoflight7 to provide a Name place for communications about wellness beyond guest interviews.  Ramona’s reviews, card messages, inspirational quotes and messages, misc pondering, blogging and audio talks can be accessed through the following links.



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Ramona’s Blog – Catch the Wave & Daily Inspirational quotes The topics range but the vibe is all Ramona sharing her Ramonaness.  Catch the tide of positive thoughts and observations.

Spring and Summer 2019

Spring is always a delight as we creep out of winter’s rest and into the annual rebirth.  The bird’s the blooming flowers and leaves on the trees awaken us to the cycles of life, love and being fully human with our wonderful planet.  Take some time this Spring to really enjoy the renewal of your own self.  The days past quickly and all those little things you were meaning to do are now upon you!  Pace yourself but focus everyday on doing something towards your goals.  If you are like me – sometimes its a get it all done in a day thing but that usually means just me doing, well just about everything! Ha Ha.   What a great Spring lesson that will really hit home in the heat of the Summer.  As Summer brings the hot weather there is no way to rush, so start pacing yourself now and celebrate your ideas, creativeness and friendships while asking for help.  Once you do this your life will feel busy, yes but also much more balanced.
Summer season is a great time to burn off the old emotions, ties and burdens or for the water lovers to splash them away.    WOW!  Make the Fun happen with some everyday magic.
This Spring and Summer’s line up for interviews showcases wellness and offers great ideas, tips and providers.   Ramona Interviews is an all volunteer award winning interview show and my passion for TV media connections.  Ramona interviews thanks to it volunteer staff has recently surpassed our 200th show!
Here are some of the Spring and Summer line up: Ti chi Fit, Awakening Lectures, Nutritional Counseling, Hypnotist Therapy, Medical Marijuana (growers view) and Our Premier Guest Kimberley Bell , Certified Life Coach and author of “Empowering You”.
As always Be the wellness and use the humble resources nature provides and the connections that bring you to most joy and positive changes for yourself.
My Book for Spring is “Empowering YOU” 11 ways to shift your personal paradigm – Kimberley Bell
My Book for Summer is “Knowing your livability Type”  – Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly  – Coming Soon!
My book for New Year’s day is “The Tao of Pooh”.  For Spring is “Empowering You” by Kimberley Bell.  For Summer: “A year in Provence” by Peter Mayle or any travel book with humor and wit that open one up to another place and/or time.  Happy Reading!

Blessings and Light


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