Q:  How can I share a mini-clip (if available) of one of the interview shows?

A:  If a mini-clip in available it can be shared through Facebook Page ramona-interviews.    https://www.facebook.com/Ramona-Interviews-1748893092000021/?view_public_for=1748893092000021

Q: Where can full interview shows be viewed, downloaded or linked too?

A:  Full shows are available for viewing, downloading or linking at www.wccatv.com/ramonainterviews. Links to some full shows are posted at Facebook Page ramona-interviews .  These posts are linked to  www.archive.org which stores video for free.

Q: How does someone become a guest on Ramonainterviews?

A: Contact Ramona using the contact form from the website or email ramonainterviews@hotmail.com.  Give your name, contact information, website and a brief description of your topic, story, experience or service/business.  A response will be given within 2 weeks as to the consideration process.  Guests chosen are at the sole discretion of ramonainterviews and neither Ramona or WCCATV are responsible for the content presented by guests.

Please Note:  Transportation to and from the studio is the responsibility of the guest as well as parking costs.  There is no fee for the interview.   Editing and uploading by the studio can take as long as 2 weeks (excluding holiday’s and vacations.)

Q: Can mini-clips and interview shows be viewed from the website directly?

A: No, due to storage costs we provide links or information on where to access the videos.  Ramona personally edits the mini-clips and posts and/or uploads them to free social media sites: Facebook , youtube.com.  The studio WCCATV uploads full interview shows only on their site WCCATV.com through http://www.archive.org.   Please note:  youtube uploading is not as reliable so delays will occur.

Q: How come youtube mini clips are not as current as the Facebook page. 

A:  Over the past decade Ramona has continued to edit mini-clips and upload as her schedule and finances permit.  Ramonainterviews is an all-volunteer production using Worcester Community Access Station (WCCATV) studios which has archived over 200 of her shows.


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